Chemicals can be applied with the following:

Knapsack sprayer & Vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer

There are three types of chemical sprays available within the golf course environment:


Broadly speaking fungicides are broken into two categories.

Contact Fungicide remains on the plant surface, literally wherever it contacts, from here it is able to eradicate and/or protect the plant from disease.

As a contact fungicide remains on the plant surface, it is more likely to be washed off or be removed during mowing. It is thus more suited to application during periods of slow grass growth. It may also be used when fast remedial action is required where a severe disease infestation occurs.

Systemic Fungicides are absorbed into the plant via the surface or roots and translocated through the plant. They are used during periods of active growth and while they are not as fast acting as contact fungicides, they give longer control.

Examples of diseases





Take all






Contact Fungicides & Contact/ Systemic Fungicides




200g/l tebucanazole and 100g/l trifloxystrobin.

Contact and systemic turf fungicide. Control against 6 key turf diseases. Rapid acting and long lasting. Use May to October.

Dedicate™ is a contact and systemic turf fungicide for the control of Microdochium patch, Red thread, Dollar spot, Anthracnose, Leaf spot and Rust in managed amenity turf.

Use preventatively or as early as possible in the disease cycle, applying at first sign of disease. It can be used when grass is either dormant or actively growing and displays protective and some curative activity.

Dedicate™ can be applied with the following:

Knapsack sprayer & Vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer

50ml / 500 sq m.
1L / ha.  250ml pack



256g/l iprodione and 16g/l trifloxystrobin.

Contact and mesotemic turf fungicide. Unsurpassed control against 6 key turf diseases. Unique StressGard™ Formulation Technology. Can be used all year round.

Interface™ is the first turf fungicide with StressGard™ Formulation Technology. The formulation has been fine tuned to upgrade the performance of the product, providing superior disease control leading to visibly healthier turf.

As a stand-alone solution, Interface™ prevents, cures and eradicates with long lasting control. It’s ability to be used all year and technical innovation offers a complete solution to disease control.

Interface™ can be applied with the following:

Knapsack sprayer & Vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer

0.5L / 500 sq m.
10L / ha.  5L pack



362g/l chlorothalonil, 56.9g/l propiconazole and 14.5g/l fludioxonil.

The unique three-way mode of action of new Instrata turf fungicide gives powerful protection from disease infection. Curative activity of disease symptoms that have already broken out. Two multi-site contact active ingredients in Instrata significantly reduce the risk of fungicide resistance developing.

The new active ingredient fludioxonil protects on the leaf, in the thatch and at the soil surface, giving outstanding efficacy and making Instrata especially useful in high disease pressure situations at any time of the year.
The complementary three-way mix of new fludioxonil with the proven propiconazole and chlorothalonil targets disease at every stage of the life-cycle and gives both contact and systemic activity in the plant.

9L/ ha  3L pack



255 g/l (25%w/w) iprodione.

Chipco Green is a contact fungicide which has curative and preventative action against a range of turf diseases. Chipco® Green’s special liquid formulation is very ‘rainfast’ and can prevent the build-up of morning dew on grass leaves. Apply at any time of the year.

Chipco Green can be applied with the following:

Knapsack sprayer & Vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer

1L / 500 sq m.
20L / ha.  5L pack



250g/l (24.3%w/w) iprodione. 

Contact action against Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale) and Red Thread. Rainfast liquid formulation of Iprodione provides both preventative and curative control. Can be used in Headland’s disease management programme. Tank -mixable with Headland’s 20/20/30* combination. First choice for disease control in cooler, slower growing months of the year.

* Headland’s 20/20/30 tank-mix — 20 L Turfite + 20L Liquid Turf Hardener + 30L Seamac Proturf Fe with 10L surpass in 400L water

Surpass can be applied with the following:

Knapsack sprayer & Vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer

1 L / 500 sq m.  20 L / ha.  5L pack



125 g/l of fludioxonil.

Medallion TL is a broad-spectrum turf disease fungicide, specifically approved for the control of:

Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale).
Leaf Spot (Drechslera spp).*
Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola)**

* Qualified minor use recommendation for useful levels of control, based on limited data.
** Reduction.

Medallion TL is especially suited to providing long-lasting protection in the cooler months from late autumn to early spring. The knockdown of turf disease pathogens in the thatch and soil surface may also prove beneficial prior to any renovation work at other times of the year, which can increase risk and trigger disease infection

3 L / ha. 3L pack

Systemic Fungicides




62.5 g/l azoxystrobin and 104 g/l propiconazole.

Headway is an effective systemic fungicide for the control of the following diseases in managed amenity turf and amenity grassland:
• Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale).
• Dollar Spot (Sclerotinia homeocarpa).
• Take-all Patch (Gaeumannomyces graminis).
• Leaf Spots (Drechslera spp).
• Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola).

3 L / ha. 3L pack



500 g/kg azoxystrobin & 95g/l azoxystrobin.

A systemic strobilurin fungicide, Heritage is approved for the control of Fusarium patch, Take-all Patch, Anthracnose, Brown patch, Leaf spot / Melting out, Rust diseases and Type 2 Fairy Rings. Only approved product for control of Take All Patch. Systemic and translaminar movement with contact action. One of the longest-lasting fungicides and lowest rates of use on the market. The easy-to-use Maxx liquid formulation gives faster uptake, longer lasting disease control and improved turf quality.

Heritage is a water dispersible granule formulation containing 500 g/kg azoxystrobin.

500 gram / ha. 100 & 500 gram packs

Heritage Maxx is a liquid formulation containing 95g/l azoxystrobin.

2.5 L / ha.  3L pack



156 g/l propiconazole.

Banner Maxx is broad spectrum foliar fungicide with systemic properties for control of Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale), dollar spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa), Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola), Brown patch (Rhizoctonia solani) and Fusarium Patch (Microdochium nivale)on managed amenity turf and amenity grassland.

Propiconazole is rapidly absorbed by the assimilating parts of the plant, mostly within one hour of treatment.  It is transported acropetally (upwards) in the xylem. This systemic translocation contributes to good distribution of the active ingredient within the plant tissue.

3L / ha. 1L pack






Damping off





Thatch fungus




Classified according to whether they are total weedkillers, killing all vegetation or selective weedkillers, killing only some vegetation e.g. broad-leaved weeds in grass.

Available as conventional chemicals for application through tractor mounted or knapsack sprayers and as the Nomix Weed Control System where premixed oil emulsion formulations are applied through cda applicators. These are ready to use and non-irritant which makes them safer for the operator and for the environment.

Most weeds will be controlled by a single application.













Mecoprop-P, MCPA, Dicamba

Controls all common turf weeds.
Highest concentration of active ingredients per litre in the turf market.
High mecoprop-P content means outstanding control especially of clovers.
Low application rates for cost effective control.
Apply April to September in good growing weather when the ground is moist.

5L / ha. 5L pack



Fluroxypyr+ Clopyralid + Florasulam

Selective systemic post emergence herbicide for all amenity grassland.

1-2 L / ha. 5L pack



Fluroxypyr + Florasulam

Safe and efficient selective herbicide for control of difficult weeds in both established and young amenity turf.

2 L / ha. 5L pack



70 g/l 2,4-D, 70 g/l MCPA, 42 g/l mecoprop-P and 20 g/l Dicamba

A herbicide for broad-leaved weeds in managed amenity turf. Controls speedwell. The special formulation of Longbow allows uptake through both the leaves and the roots providing exceptional weed control. It’s powerful combination of 4 active ingredients controls a wide range of annual and perennial weeds.

7.5 L / ha. Knapsack rate: 75 ml in 10 litres water/100 m² 5L pack




A selective mosskiller for the control of Moss on managed amenity turf. Also controls moss and Liverwort around trees and ornamental shrubs. Works by contact action. It acts by inhibiting photosynthesis. Use when moss is present during period of active growth.

15 kg/ha in 1000L water per hectare. Knapsack: Use 150g in 10L water to cover 100sq metres. 750g pack



Carfentrazone + Mecoprop-p

Controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds and moss in managed amenity turf.

1.5Kg in 500L water / ha. 1.5Kg pack


D 50

2, 4 D Amine

Controls daisy and plantains and older broad leaved weeds in amenity areas.

2.5 – 5L /ha



Broad-leaved weed herbicide controlling woody and deep-rooted perennial herbaceous weeds.

Highly concentrated selective weedkiller for the control of difficult woody and invasive weeds in amenity areas.
Effective against Japanese Knotweed, Hogweed, Buddleia, Bramble, Thistle, Dock, Nettle, Gorse, and Willowherb.

Rainfast in 1 hour. No odour.

Can be used on embankments, in powerstations, cemetries, parklands, and golf course roughs.

Spot treatment: Use 150 -200mls per 10L water.
Apply to point of run off.

1L pack



Triclopyr & Clopyralid

Controls nettles, thistles, docks, brambles, broom & gorse in established grassland.

2 – 4 L/ ha. 1L pack



45 g/l pinoxaden & 11.25 g/l cloquintocet-mexyl

RESCUE is a highly selective grass herbicide, for the removal of Ryegrass whilst leaving fine turf grasses unaffected. Rsscue herbicide is approved for use on bowling greens and areas on golf courses such as greens, tees, fairways, approaches, semi-rough and rough.

1 – 1.3 L/ ha. 1L pack






40 g/l diflufenican and 250 g/l glyphosate.

PISTOL® is a barrier acting non-selective total herbicide for the control of a wide range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds and grasses on soft, gravel and hard surfaces (Republic of Ireland only) in amenity situations.

  • Long lasting prevention against weed germination.
  • Resilient – controls most diuron resistant weeds.

Apply PISTOL® post-emergence of weeds at any time from March until the end of October, provided that the weeds are actively growing.

Annual broad-leaved weeds should have at least two fully exposed leaves, and annual grasses should be at the one leaf growth stage or beyond.

Some perennial weeds, including Docks, Perennial Sow Thistle and Willowherb are best treated just before flowering or the setting of seed.

PISTOL® will give initial ‘knockdown’ and thereafter residual control of a wide variety of broad-leaved weeds and narrow-leaved weeds.

PISTOL® controls these weeds for over 6 months.

PISTOL® may be used on soft surfaces and gravel amenity surfaces. These areas include: – Industrial areas – Fence lines – Around obstacles (street furniture, signage) – Beneath pylons – Road edges – Tree ringing mature trees – Open soil areas – Railway ballast.

Pistol can be applied with the following:

Knapsack sprayer & Vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer

45ml /100m2.  4.5L / ha 1L  & 5L packs




Glyphosate + Sulfosulforon

Total herbicide with residual action. For use on pathways, around trees and car parks.
Oil emulsion formulation for improved efficacy and safety.
Applied through Nomix applicator, spray drift virtually eliminated.
White pigment means you can see where you spray, helps prevent overdosing.
Apply at any time when weeds are actively growing and have enough leaf area to absorb the chemical.

9L / ha. 5L & 4 x 0.75L pack




Total systemic herbicide. Apply late April to end of September.

Rates variable. 5L & 20L packs




Total, non-residual contact herbicide that also controls moss.
Approved for use on hard surfaces.
Controls grasses, broad leaved weeds and mosses. New-Way Weedspray produces discolouration and browning of the foliage within a few hours of treatment. Perennial weeds generally require more than one application for control but annual weeds are usually controlled with one treatment.
Application Apply the spray so that leaves and stems are fully wetted before run-off. As the product works by contact action it is important that the weed is fully covered otherwise there will be partial control. The product is not translocated within the plant and therefore is safer to use around trees, shrubs and other valuable plants.
Mixing Mix 1 part New-Way Weedspray to 3 parts of clean water. For example in a 16 litre knapsack sprayer mix 4 litres of New-Way Weedspray to 12 litres of water in the following manner. Half fill spray tank with clean water. Add the required amount of New-Way Weedspray. Fill the tank with more clean water to the required level. Agitate before use.
Can be used all year round.

Rates variable. 5L pack




A total, non-residual contact herbicide. Apply late April to end of September.

3 – 7.5 L / ha. 5L pack




Insecticides & Deterrents

The main insect pests, which affect turf grasses, are leatherjackets, casting worms, frit fly and chafer grubs.

Due to environmental concerns the range of insecticides available are very limited.





Worm cast





Leather jackets





Controls leatherjackets, frit fly. Soil residual. Best applied to moist soil or when rain imminent.

1.4 L / ha. 1L pack



Controls leather jackets and chafer grubs. Granular product which is applied through a spreader

30Kg / ha. 5Kg pack


TourTurf® Defend – Universal Garlic Biostimulant

Plant-based biostimulant for turf, trees and bushes

TourTurf® Defend Universal Garlic Biostimulant is a 100% organic plant-strengthening tonic for turf, trees and bushes. The product does not contain chemicals of any kind. Its contents consist of extracts from well-known plants and other ingredients, and it contains 20% garlic extract, 2% cayenne pepper extract and 2.5% organic nettle extract, supplemented with 5% vinegar, 2.5% sugars (dextrose), 4% lime water, 1.3% silicon and 62.3% water.

Garlic is known to contain the sulphur compounds allicin and allixin, which have an antiseptic effect, as well as a wide range of vitamins, trace elements and minerals that promote plant health. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which also has an antiseptic effect. Nettles are rich in minerals and vitamins, and are used as organic fertilizer.

The combination of plant extracts from a further eight plants in a patented manufacturing process makes TourTurf® Defend an exciting supplement to turf care on golf courses, football pitches, etc. The product strengthens the vitality of turfand makes it strong and resistant to diseases, pests and plant stress.

10 L / ha. 10L pack


TourTurf® TAG Turf Amenity Granules

oil seed meal

TourTurf TAG is a NPK fertilizer and an organic soil improvement agent that improves the surface of the turf on greens, tees, fairways and football pitches significantly. Can also be used on all types of other amenity areas.

Contains magnesium and wetting agent, so it both stimulates the soil and the plant, has a good Green Up effect as well. The product should be used in spring and autumn and during other wet periods. Supplied in Fine Grade (1-2.5 mm).

Produced from oil seed meal which is a plant based material.
Can be used 1-2 times a year in connection with aeration. . Water in after application or apply before rain fall. Thereafter the material can be brushed into the turf with a drag mat.

3 kg/100 m². 20Kg pack


Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive (SUD)·

After 26th November 2015, it is illegal to apply Professional Use PPPs (Plant Protection Products) unless you are registered as a PU (Professional User) with the DAFM (Department of Agriculture, Food & the Marine) and have been allocated a PU No. · In the event of a DAFM inspection, you will be required to produce evidence of having completed appropriate training. You can apply for registration as a PU at any time provided you have been suitably trained – see