Bio-Stimulants & Seaweeds (Below-Ground Turf Ecology)

Seaweed and biostimulant products contain plant growth substances able to enhance the health and vigour of turfgrass.

Used as a supplement to a considered nutritional program, they can be invaluable in maintaining turf quality all year round.

Turfcomplex is a new generation, biostimulant formulated from a unique mix of ingredients, chosen for their efficacy in field trials and applied at research-identified rates to give maximum plant performance. It has been developed as an aid to:

  • Improve root mass
  • Reduce plant stress
  • Increase overall plant health and disease resistance.

The Turfcomplex formulation features: Algifol®

Seaweed extract: Activated Humic and Fulvic acids; Magnesium; Chelated iron; Elevated manganese for enhanced root strength and disease suppression; full spectrum of EDTA chelated micronutrients

Turfcomplex exploits the synergistic effect of seaweed combined with humic acid to meet the twin objectives of improved root mass and reduced plant stress.

App rate: 20-40 L / ha. 10L & 100L drums


Ascoflex Plus Liquid Seaweed – concentrated cold-extracted bioactive seaweed

Contains ProactinEX, a patented, plant-derived biostimulant package, containing L-form amino acids, B-Complex vitamins and antioxidants.

  • Bioactive seaweed extract is processed soon after harvesting to maintain the natural goodness present.
  • Cold-extracted seaweed provides high levels of bioactive plant growth hormones.
  • Improves stress resistance in turf and aids recovery.

The benefits of using seaweed extracts in foliar and root drench applications are well established on sports turf. Ascoflex Plus aims to build on these benefits by providing additional L-Form, plant-available amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Amino acids are involved in numerous functions that facilitate healthy growth, including shoot and root development, nitrogen transfer within the plant and chlorophyll production.

App rate: 10-20 L / ha. 10L & 100L drum


Organic cold process seaweed liquid extract
A unique organic cold process seaweed liquid extract for applications in the management of turf grasses in golf courses and other sport field applications. Produced from fresh hand harvested ascophyllum, the seaweed is collected from the unpolluted bays along the coast line of North West Ireland. Alga-Boost is an ideal tonic for grass that suffers from stress, poor root development, nematodes and poor colour. Due to the cold extraction process Alga-Boost is high in micro nutrients, plant hormones and alginate, all of which are found naturally in Ascophyllum Nodosum.

App rate: 5-20 L / ha. 20 L ; 200L drum

Amino acid supplement
A foliar absorbed amino acid supplement for stress relief and to maintain overall turf quality particularly in the summer. Can be mixed with growth regulator to reduce leaf discolouration.

App rate: 3-5 L / ha. 5 L drum

Amino acid supplement
A root absorbed amino acid supplement for root growth, enhanced germination and stress relief. Typically used from late autumn to early spring when the plant is developing new roots.

App rate: 10-15 L / ha. 5 L drum

Bio-Nutritional Liquid Extract
Attain, powered by AquavitaTM Technology, is a highly refined proprietary bio-nutritional formulation containing both compost and kelp solution bio-extracts. Attain is derived from natural sources and its unique bio-extraction process promotes optimal plant and soil health for all turf types, including greens, tees, fairways and sports turf. Attain maximises the benefit of existing nutritional elements and supports consistent and sustainable root growth.
App rate: 10 L / ha. 10 L drum
Plant biostimulant
Contains a complex and precise blend of naturally occurring primary and secondary plant metabolites which stimulate germination, root development, plant vigour and health. Roots develop more mass and vigour.

App rate: 20 L / ha. 10 L drum