Grass Germination Sheet
3.66m x 25m
3.66m x 100m
Heavy duty germination sheet. Protects from wind, birds, frost and scorching. Helps retain good ground moisture.
Croptex Ground Cover
1m x 50m/100m
2m x 50m/100m
3.25m x 50m
4m x 100m
5m x 100m
Heavy duty woven UV stabilised ground cover used to suppress weed germination.
Weed Guard Fleece
2.25m x 25m
2m x 50m
2m x 250m
Heavy duty landscape fabric. Very handy for use on shrub beds. Cuts neatly. Fleece cover gives protection against frost, cold wind and vermin on newly sown areas. Speeds up germination as well as protecting delicate seedlings.
Wind Break
1m x 50m
1.2m x 50m
2m x 50m
A range of heavy duty monofilament windbreak netting.
Box of 1000
To fix sheeting and sods.