Technological advances and safety concerns have driven developments in both line marking machines and marking liquids. The traditional system consisting of watered down lime applied by a transfer wheel box marker have been updated, and there are electrical spray markers using specially designed paints. Lime has been banned in some countries due to health risks e.g. infecting of cuts. At Pitch Supplies, we supply a wide range of marking machines and paints all designed to help achieve quality long lasting lines with minimum effort.
TXE 505 Flush

Topline Txe 353 Pro (Price €925 +vat@23%) & 606 (Price €995 +vat@23%) (Tank Capacity 25ltr)

Electric spray line marking machine for applying line marking liquid to sport field surfaces. The TXE 353 Pro is the latest development of one of the world’s most popular line markers.  It retains all the attributes of the original machine, including light weight and ease of use, but also incorporates a series of customer-driven design enhancements that improve its performance and make it even easier to operate and maintain. One tank marks up to 3 soccer pitches. The battery on this machine will last for up to 2 hours. Optional attachments available are the Athletics marker, Spray Boom and Front Marker. The TXE 606, which has larger tyres, battery and a battery condition indicator, is suitable where multiple pitches are being marked.

Complete with factory fitted flush tank and ‘back to tank’ system

  • Flush tank uses clean water to flush filter, pump, spray lines and spray head
  • No need to empty main tank between sites
  • ‘Back to tank’ system allows pressure at spray nozzle to be adjusted to suit conditions
  • Agitates liquid in main tank – consistent line colour
  • Retains all the benefits of the original TXE
  • Added  features for even greater functionality and performance
  • New – Chassis arrangement for cleaner lines more control
  • New -Bigger tank lid and filter basket – easier filling, less waste
  • Redesigned equipment compartment – easy access to all components for easy maintenance
  • New – inline eyelet for accurate circle marking
  • New – anti-flip feature for easier emptying and cleaning
  • 7 amp/h battery – up to 2 hours use on one charge (approx 6 pitches)
  • All controls mounted on handlebars
  • Fold-over handlebars for easy transportation and storage
  • No engine noise or pollution
  • Line widths from 1” – 5”  (2.5 – 13 cm)
  • 25 litre tank – enough for up to three football pitches
  • Suitable for use with all TXE accessories

Pictured below are details of spray arm, charge point and aerial view:

MG 2110MG 2130Charge Point & Spray Arm


Briteliner ARROW (Price €575 +vat@23% with 3″wheel; €585 +vat@23% with 4″ wheel)

BritelinerA completely re-designed and re-engineered transfer wheel line marker.

Lighter, tougher, more accurate, easier to use and to clean than previous transfer wheel markers, this all-new machine features a longer wheel base, better weight distribution and lower centre of gravity to help ensure lines are arrow straight, time after time.

The ARROW is the perfect choice.  With all its design innovations and improved materials, it actually costs less than predecessor machines yet deliver a host of advantages.

  • Improved straight line marking.
  • Easy circle marking via inbuilt eyelet hook (enables twine from a centre post to be attached to machine in exactly the right position).
  • Spot brush for penalty/centre spots and finishing lines incorporated in the machine.
  • Spring-loaded and positively fixed central transfer wheel to ensure consistency of line.
  • Facility to adjust transfer wheel to achieve require line definition. Once set, produces the same quality  line time after time.
  • New streamlined tank manufactured from ultra-strong moulded plastic.  Holds enough to mark three standard football pitches.

Briteliner Wheel Line Marker

  • Unique tip-tank feature retain unused line marking liquid and  make cleaning easier. Tank can be easily removed from frame for thorough cleaning.
  • Frame manufactured from triple coated steel tube.  No weak welded points that could corrode.
  • Height adjustable handlebar with detachable ‘cow horn’ bar for greater control.
  • Folds down for transport and storage.
  • Light weight.  More than 8kg lighter than previous models, making one man operation totally feasible.



Briteliner 400 (Price €599 +vat@23% for 3″ wheel; €615 +vat@23% for 4″ wheel)

Briteliner 400The original box marker

Tried and trusted by many groundsmen, the Supaturf Briteliner 400 box marker is still available to those who prefer traditional line marking methods.

  • Simple but effective line marking
  • Hollow transfer wheel allows user to increase/decrease weight to preference
  • Liquid tank built from rugged steel plate
  • Equipped with large pneumatic tyres for extra stability and ease of use
  • Height adjustable handle in tubular steel
  • Choice of marking wheel widths – 3″, 4″ and 5″
  • Inbuilt facility to aid accurate circle marking


Supamarker Pro (Price €200 +vat@23%)

Supamarker ProThe all new Supamark Box Marker, designed for use with Supamark Aerosols, is the ideal applicator for marking hard surfaces of anything from tennis courts and indoor pitches to playgrounds and car parks.

The new machine, has been re-designed to make the marking of hard surfaces using aerosol marking liquid easy, efficient and accurate.

  • Four Wheels for greater stability.
  • Fully Adjustable twin handles for precise control.
  • Simple, push ‘on’/release ‘off’ spray control, operated by thumb pressure without letting go of the handles.
  • Line widths fully adjustable via simple mechanism that raises/lowers the aerosol applicator.
  • Designed to provide clear visibility of lines when spraying.
  • Specially shaped front cone makes it easy to line up front guide.


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