Wetting Agents (Water Management Products)

In Ireland water is abundant. The problem is however, that it doesn’t fall in predictable uniform amounts. Regularly watering the turf ourselves should alleviate the problem, but it isn’t that simple. Due to the nature of both soil and water, water does not uniformly wet the soil.

Water penetrates the soil unevenly, runs off or lies on the surface due to the soil being water repellent. It behaves in an erratic manner causing defects in the grass growth resulting in poor grass coverage. (See fingered flow diagram below).

In order to get the best from turf playing surfaces we need to offer nature a little help by using the range of Aquatrols water management products:  These products have differing specifications and varying degrees of sophistication, but all work to make Water Wetter!

This encourages the water to work its way to where it is needed – into the root zone of the grass. (See matrix flow diagram below).

fingered flow




Fingered Flow




Matrix Flow


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Revolution In ActionFor Consistent Firm, Fast Greens

Unrivalled Uniformity

Revolution Graph




Revolution is a patented technology that extends turf’s natural antioxidant activity and significantly increases stress tolerance by balancing air-to-water ratios in the soil.

Ensures consistent moisture and air levels throughout the rootzone. Reduces surface wetness, which results in firmer playing surfaces and increased turf quality.

This unique chemistry has been tested and proven by leading turf and soil scientists world-wide.

Rate: 19L per ha, monthly (200ml/100sq m) 10L & 208L packs

More info in our Revolution PDF.


Dispatch is a patented technology that maximises irrigation efficiency and distribution uniformity while providing 30-50% water savings. Dispatch has shown to reduce surface runoff significantly, allowing more irrigation and rainfall to enter into the soil, helping to recharge moisture levels to provide quality turf. Dispatch helps to get soil targeted products where they are directed.
Keeps golf greens firm and dry when used as a penetrant in the winter months.

Rate: Fairways & pitches; 4 -5L /ha monthly during the growing season.
Greens; 1.75L /ha monthly as a penetrant for winter use. 10L packs


Primer Select provides matrix flow of water in the rootzone. It encourages uniform downward and lateral flow of water. Particularly useful for holding moisture in young greens and areas such as tees where irrigation may be poor.

Rate: 15 L/ha initially, then 10 L /ha monthly. 10L pack


Aqueduct, promotes fast wetting and re-wetting for rapid recovery from dry spots and other existing water management problems. It works as a curative, particularly for hot dry spots. Aqueduct is a great recovery product that won’t burn your turf!

Rate: 20 L/ha. 10L pack.


Aqueduct Flex Granular, provides rapid recovery of stressed turf, with visible results in as little as 3 DAYS. Aqueduct Flex also provides 30-DAY PROTECTION against the development of localised dry spot when applied on a monthly basis. Use on high spots on greens that are prone to drying out in a preventative programme. Can also be used when preparing soil for seeding, after laying sod and around trees & shrubs.

Application rate:
TREATMENT: 1.25 kg/100m2.
Reapply at 1.25 kg/100m2 on a weekly basis as needed
PREVENTATIVE: 0.5 kg/100m2.
Reapply on a monthly basis for up to 30-day protection against symptoms of stressful conditions.
SEEDING: 1.25 kg/100m2 when preparing soil for seeding.
SODDING: After laying sod, broadcast 1.25kg/100m2
Trees & Shrubs:
Installation: Spread 0.25 kg of Aqueduct Flex in the hole and then broadcast 0.35 kg onto the soil surface for each 0.3 meter of rootball diameter. Alternatively, thoroughly mix 1.75 kg of Aqueduct Flex per m3
of backfill.


Zipline powered by AquaVita, soil surfactant that contains Aquatrols’ cutting edge, proprietary technology specifically designed to aid turf care professionals to consistently deliver Fast, Firm, Fine turf. Its soil resource enhancement promotes balanced hydration, and unlocks existing nutritional elements in the soil, making them more available to the plant.

Rate: Fairways; 6.5 – 19 L /ha monthly
Greens; 19 – 25.5 L /ha monthly 10L & 100L packs.


Firmway, improves distribution and infiltration of irrigation water and rainfall. By quickly lowering surface tension, Firmway delivers a more consistent playing surface. Used mainly on outfield areas and pitches, it is an economical way to manage water during the growing season. Use higher rate during dry conditions.

Rate: 2 – 6 L /ha monthly 10L pack.


Aquatrols Advantage
Advantage Plus Pellet + Applicator
Pellet form of wetting agent designed for use with hose end applicators. Advantage Plus is a complete and balanced system for delivering improved performance during syringing and hand watering.


Fifty 90 is a long term wetter with 3 months longevity. Safe on all highly maintained turf.

Rate: 50 L / ha in 2000 litres of water


More info in our Water Management at a Glance PDF.