Bulldog, True Temper & Felco Tools
Designed to withstand the rigours of everyday use and to give years of trouble free service, these tried and tested ranges include:
Available in both open and solid socket, Long or T handle.
Digging Forks
Fully forged solid sockets for extra strength, long or T handle.
Open socket quality shovels, choice of 4′, 4’6″ or T handle. Pointed, Round mouth and square available.
Manure Forks
Long or T handle.
Grain Shovels
Long or T handle, Aluminium or non corrode Cycolac dish.
Edging Shears
Hedge Shears
27″ & 19″ Wooden handle or 26″ Aluminium handle.
Bow Saws
21″, 24″, 30″ Saws. Replacement blades available.
Aluminium Hollow Core Shovels
Reinforced leading edge sizes 40 x 36 cm and 50 x 36 cm.
Hand Forks
Bulb Planters
Chelwood Rakes
A range of specially designed rakes for landscaping, construction of greens and tees. Bunker, leaf and grass rakes are also included.
No.16 P
25″ wide, 16 teeth.
Use on soil, gravel, grass and leaves. Also useful for bunkers.
No.24 P
1 metre rake.
1/3 wider than 16 P.
No.32 P
25″ wide, 32 teeth.
Self cleaning leaf and grass rake with back supports to allow debris to build up on the rake.
No.48 P
1 metre rake.
1/3 wider than 32 P.
No.18 E
28″ wide, 18 teeth.
1.5″ gap between teeth.
Back edge for grading and levelling.
No.18 S
28″ wide, 18 teeth.
1.5″ gap between teeth.
Ideal for hard packed soil.
No.18 L
28″ wide, 18 teeth.
1.5″ gap between teeth.
Long teeth for grass, leaves and loose earth. Ideal for cleaning up after pruning and tree surgery. Self cleaning.
No.18 K
22″ wide, 18 teeth.
1″ gap between teeth.
Suitable for all purposes. A short backward push cleans rake of wet leaves, grass, rubbish etc.
No.27 L
22″ wide, 27 teeth.
3/4″ gap between teeth.
Long teeth for grass, leaves and fine earth working.
No.27 S
22″ wide, 27 teeth.
For scratching tilth on hard packed worn areas.


Rancher TK100
100 Litre.
5cu.ft. (100ltr) Barrow with pumped 16”x4” needle bearing wheel. Reinforced polypropylene tray. One piece, undrilled frame with tray brace, solid steel feet.
Dark Green Polypropylene.