Tyvek Disposable Spray Suits : TYVEK white Disposable one piece with hood. Size M–XL
Chemical Suit : FLEXOTHANE one piece spraysuit. Light weight and comfortable to wear. Size M-XL
Respirator : Silicone rubber mask with replacement cartridges. Complete with pre filter. Protects against organic vapours, dust and fumes.
Replacement Cartridges
Dust Masks : 3M nuisance dust mask. Disposable. Not suitable for spraying. Box 20
Nitrile Gauntlets : Resistant to chemicals, oil, grease and solvents.
Latex / Nitrile Gloves : Nitrile gloves disposable. 100 / box.
Chemical Goggles : Chemical resistant with indirect vents
Chemical Diary Log


Safety Goggles : Directly ventilated general purpose goggle.
Safety Glasses : Clear polycarbonate with side protection.
Browguard & Visor : Provides eye protection while strimming or filling spray tanks. Clear polycarbonate replaceable visor.
Browguard & Wire Mesh Visor : Provides eye protection while strimming. Wire mesh replaceable visor.
Ear Protectors : Peltor H7. Comfortable over long periods, provides excellent attenuation. Can be worn with or without safety helmet.
Ear Plugs Disposable : Disposable foam ear plug. Box 250.
Max Grip Gloves : water resistant, useful when sodding.
Working Gloves Furniture Hide
Cowhide Leather Freezer Gloves : fleece lined
No Risk Water-Resistant Safety Boot : Steel toe cap workboots. Heat, oil and acid resistant smooth sole that won’t mark greens. Very comfortable. Size 6-12.
Steel Cap Boots
Steel Cap Wellington

Snickers Workwear


Snickers Workwear request separate catalogue
Sprayway Outdoor Clothing
Boiler Suits:Stud & Zip Fastened

Flexothane Rainwear
Flexothane is a new high-tech fabric which will satisfy the performance demands of the most discerning wearer. Flexothane ensures your personal comfort and your protection from snow, wind and rain.
Flexothane Rainwear is 100% water-proof coupled with a degree of air permeability, any build up of condensation inside the garment is quickly dissipated by the unique knitted backing of the fabric. All garments are sealed by H.F. welding to ensure no water penetration.
• is virtually noiseless in action and its built in stretch factor enables the garment to move with every demand of the wearer.
• is soft yet tough, its high-tech strength and performance ensure smooth action even in low temperatures.
• is oil resistant and is impregnated with a powerful deodorant to fight off any body odour built up or fungi
growth in the fabric.
• retains its high-tech performance through repeated washings.

Available in sizes M – XXL . Colour: Olive and Navy

Sepp 3-in-1 Rainsuit : Siopor material protected by Teflon to give extreme protection.
Sepp Rain Jacket : A fleece jacket can be attached inside for extra warmth in winter.
Sepp Rain Trousers : Trousers are lined, with side pockets and Velcro fastening at the leg ends.

Flexothane Rain Trousers : Elasticated waist and stud fastening at the leg ends.
Flexothane Rainsuit (Lined Jacket) : Removable fleecy lining.
Flexothane Rainsuit (Duo Padded Jacket) : Rainproof flexothane on the outside and a warm quilted lining.
Flexothane Rainsuit (unlined)
Flexothane padded boilersuit : This rainproof suit will keep you warm all over when working on machines on cold winter days.
Flexothane Padded-Knee Trousers