Profile Porous Ceramic Soil Amendment

  • A porous ceramic permanent soil amendment for high performance root zones.
  • High Structural strength – less than 2% per annum degradation (Substantially better than all other processed soil amendments)
  • Ideal Air (35%) and Capillary (39%) pore space balance, ensures optimum moisture and oxygen levels in the root zone
  • Negatively charged particle providing nutrient exchange sites (CEC)

Much time and money is spent dealing with turf maintenance problems that could be avoided if the rootzone was in better condition. Compaction, poor drainage, lack of aeration, black layer, low water and nutrient retention – all common problems that can benefit from the improved rootzone characteristics provided by Profile Porous Ceramic. Profile Porous Ceramic Soil Amendment permanently improves physical soil structure when added into the top 6″ of soil profile.

A typical root zone amendment mixture of 70% sand with 30% Profile Greens grade would require 2 tonnes of sand and 14 bags of Profile per 500 sq mts

App rate 14 bags/500 sq.m. 20Kg bag


Mini-granular organic-based calcium product for pH management on greens, tees, fairways and pitches. Organic base to stimulate soil microflora, high humic acid content to aid root development. Contains dolomitic limestone for increased pH & Mg input, and Gypsum for added calcuim & soil de-flocculation.

App rate 30 -70 g/sq.m. 25Kg bag