Shark Creeping BentgrassShark Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis palustris) is a next generation 8 clone variety developed from persistent plants collected from the Northeast and Southeast United States. Spreading by stolons and tilers, it is aggressive and establishes quickly, with a semi-prostate growth habit and tight density that produces an attractive uniform playing surface. Shark is moderately dark green in colour and holds that colour well into the autumn with no purpling. It blends well into existing poa swards.

Performance on Greens

Overseeding poa greens

Shark delivers consistent results on any green composition even with mowing levels under 3mm and reduced fungicides. Shark has been used in Ireland for the past 7 years to overseed Poa swards successfully. Its cutting height and maintenance requirements are very similar to poa and has proven the perfect partner as it does not suffer form the same stresses in particular disease pressure. Shark has been proven in Ireland to establish well, especially when stitched into the sward.

Summer Stress

Shark is rated No. 1 in summer density and % ground cover. It persists through summer’s heat, humidity and disease stress. Shark provides an excellent playing surface that is both attractive and durable.

Rapid Establishment

Shark is rated No. 1 for establishment and vigorously grows in to form a dense uniform stand that competes against poa encroachment and recuperates from divot injury and pitch marks.


8g per sq meter in two directions, and with soil temperatures ideally above 14oC. Ensure solid seed to soil contact. Overseeding: 2 – 4g per sq m, after aerifying or verticutting, preferably several times.