Anthracnose Disease Management

Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola) has become a major disease on UK and Irish turf over recent years and is most severe on plants under stress from compaction, excessive heat or drought resulting in dry patch, low fertility, poor surface drainage and high surface fibre levels.

Turf Diagnostic Tools

Soil Moisture Meters, Turf Firmness Meters and affordable weather and plant measurement tools to help professionals use objective data to make better decisions regarding plant, crop and turf outputs.

Shark Creeping Bentgrass

Shark Creeping Bentgrass (Agrostis palustris) is a next generation 8 clone variety developed from persistent plants collected from the Northeast and Southeast United States. Spreading by stolons and tilers, it is aggressive and establishes quickly, with a semi-prostate growth habit and tight density that produces an attractive uniform playing surface. Shark is moderately dark green in colour and holds that colour well into the autumn with no purpling. It blends well into existing poa swards.

Timber Maintenance & Preservation

Keeping timber surfaces outside can be challenging. The Irish weather is against us. The accepted wisdom is to protect it using a more or less transparent oil or resin. Does it work well? Not really, the oil becomes the problem. Overcoating increases the opacity of the stain to a point where the veins are no longer seen. There is flaking too, followed by a weary sanding job.

Cleaning Artificial Grass

Artificial grass pitches have been built in large numbers in the past few years. They have advantages over natural grass in several ways. In particular, they do not degrade if the weather is too wet and will not require irrigation if too dry. For tennis courts frequently paced patches retain the same surface characteristics throughout the season.